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This page contains a list of frequently asked questions for buyers in the Hershey area. Click on the question to see the answer, click again to collapse the answer text.

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What if my sales professional doesn't produce?
What if I can't sell my old house before I have to move?
How long should it take to sell?
What about market conditions — price trends, interest rates, and the economy in general? Should they have any bearing on when I list?
Is there any seasonality to the market?
What is the advantage of an exclusive right-to-sell?
Do I have to pay a commission even if I find the buyer?
How do I find the sales professional who's right for me?
What makes a sales professional effective?
When is the best time to list a house for sale?
Will my sales professional be present at the closing?
What makes a house sell?
Who actually sells my house — a broker or a sales professional?
Can I sell my house myself?
Should I try to avoid being at home when the house is shown?
What should I expect from an open house?
How important is advertising?
What's an MLS and why do I need one?
How do I reach the right potential buyers?
What about home warranties? Are they available to sellers as well as buyers?
Am I liable for repairs after I sell?
Should I do the work myself?
Should I make any major home improvements?
What should I do to make the house show better?
Should I fix my house up before it goes on the market?
What is "curb appeal," and how do I create it?
How flexible should I be about the asking price
Who can help me determine the right asking price?
What's the difference between fair market value and asking price?
What is "fair market value," and how do I determine mine?
How do I price my house?

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